Wholeness – at the level of Organisation – with Gerald Mitterer

In this episode I am speaking with Gerald Mitterer. Gerald is a founding member of dwarfs and Giants, an innovative organization design and strategy partner for the 21st century. He is also member of the extended board at Welser Profile, a pioneer in steel profiles and tubes with 2,500 employees.

If I ever had a platonic crush on a fellow practitioner, it would be Gerald – I am sure you’ll appreciate his clarity and precision when talking about Wholeness at the Level of Organisations (our third systemic level in this season).

You will hopefully also feel inspired to follow my Call to Action (CTA) which comes right after the conversation with Gerald at the end of this episode (you can check the chapter notes in your app for precise time stamps – if you want a re-listen to take notes).

Change starts with you, in the here-and now. So start by starting

Show notes:

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