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We live in the most disruptive decade in history. We need to co-create a new system. The future of remote and decentralised work is emerging: we are your partners for developing virtual teams and adaptive organisations. We help you to audacify: increase your leadership impact, take your team up a notch, evolve your company or shape a new sector, the most audacious business opportunity is to challenge your beliefs. 

Virtual sparring
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Measurable Benefits in 12 weeks

More Purpose. More Leadership. More Impact.

We have instant impact by observing how you navigate your daily environment. We don’t even need to be present, and instead can analyse your video-recorded team meetings and provide eye-opening feedback via video or in person.
Why Businesses fail

Forget Business Theater

We celebrate finding quick fixes and optimising stuff. We don’t understand the recurring patterns and team dynamics that create unintended results. Instead, we often pretend that we have the answer or confuse action with traction.
Let's do the real thing

Build Business Agility

The best learning happens at the edge of your comfort zone. We help you focus on ‘the real thing’: working ‘on the organisation’, not just in it. We nudge you to have the conversations you should be having, but often don’t.

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About us

Companions for your Journey

We get called when companies want to merge, founders need successors, growth promises need to be delivered, a transformation journey ineeds guides. We combine change consulting, process facilitation, personal development and executive coaching as one experience.

Marcus Druen

Change Choreographer

Christian Erhard

Executive Coach

What Our Clients Say

audacify have given us a compass to successfully directing our merging organizations in a new common direction. Moreover, Marcus and Christian provided a vital ‘oxygen tent’ and kept motivating us - during the worst of all times, the pandemic.

Alexander Kiock, CEO diffferent

My experience in just three words: Inspiring, Executable, Tangible.

Dr. Anju Dhariwal, Director Global Scouting & Venture, Novozyme

Through Marcus I learned to talk honestly about my own strengths, my weaknesses and my autopilot. This is often not easy for men. Thanks to him, I continue to be willing to change daily.

Dietmar Andres, Leader People Development Centre, eprimo

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Building Bridges

Being nodes in influential networks, we help you to apply an ‘outside-in’ perspective; we regularly exchange with world-class practitioners, cutting-edge researchers, innovative entrepreneurs, brave activists, young change catalysts and seasoned executives alike. We share these inspiring and activating conversations on our podcast called leading audacious change.