For Executives, entrepreneurs and change Leaders

audacious change, integrated.

We combine leadership coaching, team sparring, and guidance for inner and outer change from one source.

We help our clients to better lead their business by:

  • Regulating their emotions
  • Slowing down in a crisis
  • Exiting the blame game
  • Making better decisions faster
  • Succeeding  in make or break situations
  • Replacing the hamster wheel…


So, how audacious are you? What business problem do you need to solve right now?

We are a great fit for

Founder Teams

who avoid the conversations they should have, want to shift from crisis to co-creation mode, and look for guides with earned wisdom and actionable approaches

Executive Teams

who are stressed by competing commitments, struggle to turn intention into impact, and need courageous sparring partners to hold them accountable

Change Leaders

who are overwhelmed by complexity, fight the organisational immune system, and want compassionate companions to give them confidence to start by starting

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Our Impact

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Companions for change

Who We are

Play Video about Christian Erhard
Christian Erhard

"It's hard to read the label, when you're inside the bottle"

Over a decade, I worked in marketing for one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world. I was part of the executive team in multiple countries. And I can relate to the pressures many managers and executives are experiencing every day. I believe in the ability of people to develop themselves at all stages of their life. We can learn to increase our capacity to deal with the increasing number of challenges. Working with our analytical mind, our feeling heart and our sensing body, we get more clarity and focus on our priorities. My clients share my conviction that meaningful change starts with themselves. As we understand ourselves better, we become more confident in crafting a work-life that is aligned with our priorities and values.
Play Video about Marcus Druen
Marcus druen

"Change happens when courage meets compassion"

My real thing: solve live problems whilst reflecting on the experience – and transforming myself through this process. This is what I have done all my life. We now can change human trajectory, but only if we also build next level organisations that transcend current doctrines, incentives and habits – without being judgmental:
“Regardless of what we discover, we understand and truly believe that everyone did the best job they could, given what they knew at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand.” Sociocracy 3.0

Our approach

How we audacify

name the elephant in the room

We don't by-pass awkward moments. We speak truth to power. We hold safe and brave space so you can see what's essential.

turn bugs into features

We don't have a standard template. We leverage your tensions into actionable and exciting improvement proposals.

STart by starting

We don't do HR-Programmes. We know how to combine whatever it takes to catalyse change in the here and now.

show vulnerability

We don't play business theatre. We take our masks off and engage with radical honesty. We make change human.

Need more proof?
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