Companions for your journey

We are outcome-oriented and take holding each other accountable seriously; The way we engage with our clients serves as an instrument for shifting patterns in their organisation towards more transparency and candour. Whatever your ambition for strategic change, we will nudge you to mirror this with a similar appetite for personal change – because this is how change works. Everything else is Business Theatre.

audacify is approach agnostic; our practice is based on our diverse and complementary experiences as corporate executives and executive coaches. We learned through hard-earned experience that ‘mindset eats tools for breakfast’. We have rock-solid experience with various executive and systemic coaching schools, Agile, Sociocracy, Theory U, Adizes’ Corporate Life-Cycle and psychometric assessment tools.

We understand the ‘must-know’ from innovation, management, psychology, sociology, neuroscience and selected ancient wisdom traditions.

We look forward to travelling with you and share your adventure.

How we think

Albert Einstein advocated “to make things as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Hence, we skipped the four-field matrix, a reductionist consultancy classic, and instead developed this map to navigate the complex territory of our work.

We encourage you to download this PDF in A3 size and make meaning of the content and how it relates to the context of your situation when you are in a reflective mood.

You will easily find your real thing in the three inner circles; you are fully in charge of your own path, you can co-create the journey with your team, and given your role, you can absolutely influence the trajectory of your organisation.

Whilst you might not have much grip over humanity or nature at large, it would be foolish and unsustainable, if you didn’t at least factor in what’s happening in the world right now – when casting back on your real thing in the year 2021.

Marcus Druen

Change Choreographer
Marcus druen

"Change happens when courage meets compassion"

My real thing: solve live problems whilst reflecting on the experience – and transforming myself through this process. This is what I have done all my life. We now can change human trajectory, but only if we also build next level organisations that transcend current doctrines, incentives and habits – without being judgmental:
“Regardless of what we discover, we understand and truly believe that everyone did the best job they could, given what they knew at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand.” Sociocracy 3.0

Christian Erhard

Executive Coach
Christian Erhard

"It's hard to read the label, when you're inside the bottle"

Over a decade, I worked in marketing for one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world. I was part of the executive team in multiple countries. And I can relate to the pressures many managers and executives are experiencing every day. I believe in the ability of people to develop themselves at all stages of their life. We can learn to increase our capacity to deal with the increasing number of challenges. Working with our analytical mind, our feeling heart and our sensing body, we get more clarity and focus on our priorities. My clients share my conviction that meaningful change starts with themselves. As we understand ourselves better, we become more confident in crafting a work-life that is aligned with our priorities and values.

Ruth Clarke

Compassionate Inquirer
Ruth clarke

“If you want to change the story you need to change your story”

I am a companion for healing and transformation for successful entrepreneurs, executives and high net-worth clients. I am a holistic massage therapist, energy worker and compassionate inquirer, a contemporary form of psychotherapy. I have profoundly changed the trajectory of my life several times, which helps me to guide my clients on their journey. I do this with the discrete presence of being an introvert who loves structure and precision.

When I work with audacify, I create a warm and safe space for our clients to let their guard down, show vulnerability, and look deeper; behind the veil created by the story that many Type-A business people tell themselves: work harder, advance faster and contribute more. I work with your bodies, minds, hearts and souls. I bring an esprit of possibility, colour and lightness to the often overly serious and in for my taste somewhat dull and flattened world of business.

Here and now

Change happens in the here-and-now, it is the only change approach we know works. Let’s say you want to distribute authority to the management level below, yet we keep noticing “Yes, buts” when they or us suggest new co-creative meeting formats. We might now challenge you to cross this bridge before going up a notch – and compassionately cheer you up and provide moral support.

Impact we had at the level of self

This exceeded my expectations. My inner hand-brakes are now removed and I am now ready to become a new type of HR Director.

Martin Wollmann, CHRO of a global retail chain in Austria

Impact we had at the level of team

Marcus’s empathy and deep knowledge are the ideal combination to work together on the difficult topics related to executive management and leadership. He asks the tough questions and gives the important pointers in difficult situations in order to advance discussions in terms of content.

Reinhard Janning, Chief Platform Officer, Xempus

Impact we had at the level of Organisation

audacify supported us in our merger and the following reorganisation of our new company. It was great to have them as an external perspectives in our team. They challenged us with game-changing questions and reflections about our culture. Beside all this, every working session with Marcus was a valuable experience due to him being so candid, focused and appreciative.

Holger Schmitz, Principal Consultant, diffferent