Creating real human connection in a digital world

In this episode Marcus Druen speaks with Katharina Moser about #notgoingbacktonormal. They talk about how she has adapted since the lockdown, both on a personal level and as an entrepreneur. They then dive into the topic of making online encounters – whether that’s conferences, social gatherings or meetings – as human as possible. 

Katharina Moser is a socio-political entrepreneur based in Vienna. She has made UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #17 her primary vision: foster cooperation – in business, politics and society – in order to solve the other 16 global goals together. She worked for the Austrian Foreign Ministry, the British Council and the European Forum Alpbach before founding MOSAIK, an agency that designs and facilitates events where citizens can experience first-hand what it actually means to be “European”. She most recently co-founded the Creative Corona Cooperation to help teams to communicate and collaborate well during this time of isolation.

Post-episode notes

Links to organisations, tools and platforms as mentioned in this episode:
Hands-on support for digital collaboration in teams during corona-lockdown times
Katharina Moser’s agency, that brings Europe to life for people in a visceral way
Global think tank and community for making humans more human and business more beautiful
Her podcast – Together Apart – helps us reimagine to honour all the life that keep happening to us in isolation.
Otto Scharmer’s (MIT – Theory U) movement for Global Activation of Intention and Action (GAIA)
The collaborative whiteboard where remote work gets done
Rady Dalio’s platform to convey his principles for success in various media formats. We referenced Ray Dalio’s hedefund Bridgewater Associates and their unique, polarizing and now apparently trail-blazing practice of recording every meeting as part of their radical transparency and meritocracy practice, see more here:
Katharina mentioned her “Mari Kondo” moment: tidy your space, transform your life
The ugly truth of fast fashion
A Conference all in REAL LIFE – hilarious and revealing!
A profound reflection on “What if Corona could speak…?”

I have lined-up some amazing guests for the next few episodes – and I would love your feedback, thoughts and suggestions, so that I can evolve this experiment based on what’s needed in the business world right now. 

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