Business agility starts with you

What you must do, is to embody agility and provide air-cover for anything agile. It is the lead domino that sets in motion other stones.

Changing Mindsets is Your Hardest Business Challenge.

How to build business agility

Shifting Mindsets

Best Argument vs.
highest status

Instead of assigning leadership to the person that holds the role and title, leadership is held by the person with the best argument.


We acknowledge that the world around us has become increasingly unpredictable and the plans are often outdated the moment they are communicated. We respond by shifting to a sense and respond mindset, meaning that we become highly sensible to the changes as they happen and respond with a common goal in mind.

leverage tension vs.

We are trained to perceive tensions as a negative, that needs to be managed. We usually avoid tension. But paying attention to tension can help us to identify areas of need and opportunity in the organisation.


As the complexity of our systems has grown drastically, central decision making has created bottle-necks for the organisation. Distributing information and power throughout the organisation leads to higher efficiency and resilience.

Resilience vs.

'Do more with less' has been the mantra for decades to optimize organizations for efficiency. The unintended side-effect is fragile organisations that are slow in adapting to change. In the world of today we need to build resilient organisations, that can react and change quickly.

Independence vs.

Many consultancies operate based on the transfer of knowledge. This creates a dependency for their clients, who don't build complex problem-solving capacity themselves. At audacify, we understand ourselves as companions who build your capacity for independence.

Expedition Readiness

Four steps to start your Journey

calibrating your ambition

What is the opportunity you want to pursue? What organisational need does this solve? What would happen if you didn’t do this? We help you get clarity and alignment. We will calibrate our ambition because change only happens in a narrow band of ‘productive discomfort’.

checking your reality

What resources can you free up for your ambition? Or does it need re-calibration? What level of upskilling is required? We create safe space for you to make required trade-offs, offer you candid feedback, and help you remove what’s blocking progress.
Hiking Gear
Pick your route

creating your own route

What is needed to execute your ambition? Who are the leaders in your rope party? We help you create a map where you place your basecamps. We adapt our path along the way as we get more clarity on the real size of the challenge.  

Crossing your chasm

What challenge can you tackle today? How do you build capacity step by step? We train you the skills you need while doing the first steps of your journey together. We build your confidence and give feedback on how you are doing. We celebrate your achievements because growing this muscle takes courage, belief and love – which is the opposite of fear.
Crossing the Chasm

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