Virtual Team Coaching

Start by starting

If you answered ‘yes’ to at least two of the questions above, virtual team coaching is the right thing for you.

How it works

Four easy steps

Set Learning Goal

We conduct a survey or individual interview. Where do you see short-term improvement potential in the team's collaborative behaviour?

Record Team Meeting

Just perform your online team meeting as you usually would and provide us with a recording.

Deep Analysis

Based on your learning goals, we review the recording and identify beneficial and limiting behavioural patterns.

Integration of learnings

We share our observation and advice via a recorded video message to the team and individuals to inspire self-reflection and development.

It is outstanding how 'spot on’ Marcus understands people's strengths and weaknesses from just a couple of hours of interaction, and in a next step is able to help you to utilize those attributes even more effectively.

Chris Shuster, Co-founder UCAIR and COO Zollhof Accelerator

Free needs assessment

Minimally invasive, maximum impact

Observing meetings or workshops at the boards of Apple and other Silicon Valley unicorns, rather than facilitating them, was the hallmark of coaching legend Bill Campbell. We have learned our version of this practice from leading systemic consultancies and the world-famous Ashridge School. Whether we attend a meeting as observers or analyse your recorded Zoom sessions, this practice is our specialty and provides a rock solid container for the ensuing flow of coaching, consulting, facilitation, experience design and sparring.